For Parents

The Air Force ROTC program at UConn prepares young men and women for highly demanding, responsible service in the armed forces of the United States in an era in which the United States is engaged in armed conflicts. All military and civilian personnel at UConn associated with ROTC are deeply aware of this and recognize an obligation to be unambiguous in the acknowledgement of what the acceptance of an ROTC scholarship entails. The University provides additional financial assistance (need-based) that augments that federally funded scholarship assistance. And University administrators recognize an obligation to ensure that the academic and administrative supports provided to ROTC by the University are worthy of the commitments made by cadets.  An example would be our ensuring that cadets and have full and frequent access to recreational/fitness facilities necessary for physical training. Our primary obligation is to ensure that the quality of academic preparation is very high. We are proud to host cadets at the University of Connecticut and, of course, to welcome their parents and families to our campus and our community.

For Counselors

The Air Force reserve officer training program at UConn offers students who enroll as cadets attractive scholarship support. These can be full-tuition scholarships, depending on the branch of service. The University provides additional need-based assistance for housing and dining. Academic programs are augmented by service-specific coursework and field training. Successful completion of the academic and military training programs leads to a graduate’s commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant. Assigned military commanders and University staff are careful to explain the obligations of military service that attach to ROTC scholarships and to make clear the deadlines beyond which a decision to opt out of a program will incur a binding financial obligation. At the same time, both military and university academic personnel are mindful that the demands of ROTC training and subsequent obligatory service provide the basis for successful post-service civilian careers or, as often happens, long-term military careers.